There can be no denying that men love hot sex, psychotropic plants and other forms of pagan fun. We blow the lid off of "normal" audio journalism here by discussing the whole-osity; the reality of music men’s lives...a reality that terrifies the audio industry. We, the thermionic-techno shamans of The Triode Guild are unabashedly pagan...we are polygamous, we are cannibalistic....we eat music taboos for breakfast.

Because we are Wholey Dudes our entire body is involved in our experience of music and that means every part from our Head, to Mr. Big to our tiny toes...do you get our point...music is filled with our sexuality.

This section of our site is much better than Viagra. At the Triode Guild we must dispense Niagara, which is the only drug that lowers a man’s sexual drive, and it is needed because directly heated triode harmonics causes fires to burn in our loins so intensely that we must wear Kevlar Calvins. Those of you have gotten beyond Playboy, Hustler, the Karma Sutra, and conventional dysfunctional monogamy will find needed support and inspiration here. Obviously, the thermionic audio arts is the high place that male sexuality arises to when it reaches its spiritual maturity. At The Triode Guild we feel very close of nineteenth century Mormons, and recommend thermionic polygamy as the best format for stable relationships because it encourages the audio artisan to be both loving, exploratory, and never guilty.

And, as you know, you can’t discover the richest levels of our sexuality unless we have engaged in the ancient smoking ritual, which is why we will explore the world of power plants and their relationship to musical ecstasy. Here you will learn how to refine that smoking feeling, and improve your sound system for under $5.




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