Because I love to be bad, over the decades I have learned the cunning of an audio outlaw, and nothing gets the town folks more upset than me describing the advanced world of the Japanese audiomaniac, which makes the American audio scene look pretty shabby. Of course these American mealy minded xenophobic mediocres don’t understand the dynamics of envy....you got to know what you are missing before you can dream about it and make it appear. Envy is the engine of progress, and the Japanese use this dynamic well. The shrinking audio ego of America, doesn’t.

Nothing I can recommend will have a more dramatic effect on your perception of the audio arts than to buy a single issue of STEREO SOUND, the Japanese audio magazine, which is very difficult to obtain in America, until now. For $24 you can buy an issue and have it sent to you UPS right from the heart of New York City, which because of its heft will add about $5 of UPS charges. Below is the name, phone number and fax number of a truly unique Japanese magazine store right next to Grand Central Station. I suggest you fax them your order with your credit card number because their command of English is not that good.

Are you ready to take a trip to an exotic land? Check out all of the truly cool tube gear, skads of high efficiency loudspeakers and their wide embrace of every facet of the audio arts. And be sure to let me know your reaction.

NYC 10017
PHONE 212 883-0011   FAX 212 883-1011


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