I believe that the American education system is a failure because it denies the reality of how men truly learn. Male brains are different than female brains, which is why I suggest you read, Brain Sex, by Moir, which explains the vast difference in male and female cognitive processes. Learning in a classroom is the worst way for men to learn, because the context in which we are learning is so important to men and boys.

Put yourself to this test: Try to remember one great moment of understanding that you had in just one class between kindergartner and graduation from college. Now compare that to trying to remember some great moments of understanding in a car, on a playing field, in your shop, out hunting or fishing, on a date, or carousing with your friends....get what I mean about the context of understanding?

I was very fortunate to have parents who were very serious about wanting their children to get the best education possible. My father knew that a "normal’ education in classrooms was not enough. As soon as my toilet training started he made sure that I had a book to read on the potty, and by the time I was two years old I had mastered Evelyn Woods Speed Reading For Tots and was reading the Encyclopedia Britannic on the potty in Latin.

Was I some kind of freaky kid that I could advance so quickly in my reading skills? No. Men, for thousands of years, have known that we absorb knowledge much better when we are on the potty, which is why so many of the world’s greatest discoveries were made while we are on our thrones. Did you know that Martin Luther got the idea for the Reformation while he was on his potty? Einstein also got all of his great ideas, as did Walt Disney while they were doing their private.

I don’t have to spend any more time telling you what you already know, other than to say that all of my free books are written in a completely new style just for the Internet, and are intended to deeply virus your mind, which is why you must read them on the potty because that is the best way for you to absorb the esoteric knowledge they contain.



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