Time is the test of quality, and it appears that all of NYAL products, from the $269 Super IT phono preamp, to the $12,000 Futterman OTL-1 have become classics, and are in great demand…because of their extraordinary sound quality and reliability.

NYAL was just like a rock and roll band…I assembled a group of music maniacs who shared my vision and attitudes towards the design of audio gear. The fact that we were working with one of America's great audio masters, Julius Futterman, helped.

Our band's creed was…."Critical listening is the only way to determine quality of engineering…and we designed some of the most sophisticated tube audio circuits ever developed".

All of our products were tube circuits, even our amplifiers that had transistor output stages, MOSCODES, had tube input stages, because there is no other way to capture the essence of music.

Members of the band included: Ted Hammond, who did the development work on the Futterman OTL, John Syder who did much of the development work on the preamps, George Kaye did the development work on the Moscodes, and Andy Fuchs, a great audio "enginear", lent us his ears.

All of the NYAL products were manufactured by AFP Imaging, a large, and public, medical electronics company…which explains the quality of their construction.

The reason NYAL ceased operation is directly related to a failed IPO due to the 1987 stock marketing crash. I paid off all of the NYAL debts and ceased operation. George Kaye continued to service the NYAL products.

I left some disgruntled customers…some had subscribed to THE QUAD OWNERS CLUB NEWSLETTER, and did not receive their full subscription.

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