Dear Editors,


On December 20th I discovered that Ralph Karstin, owner of Atma-Sphere had registered as his domain name, according to him as " his ace in the hole" against me....(going back to our 1998 feud)..... because in a PF article I wrote that I preferred the sound of the Berning ZOTL. I suggested to him that, after two years, it was time to move on and assign me my copyrighted name. Ralph offered me a "deal" that at first repulsed me. He wanted me to sign a "confession" that could be made public and would expose me as a fraud, which he could then use to purge me from the audio industry. Then I could have the Triode Guild web site registration.

I had not heard about this tactic since the Salem witch trials ..but on further consideration what is the big deal about the integrity of audio journalism anyway...these are only audio gizmos? So I have decided to give Ralph the public confession he wants and recant all of my sins in the hopes that he will forgive me and do the right thing.

  • Ralph you are the only one true Tube God. You are the only one in the audio industry who knows how to design tube amplifiers and have told me that many times, and I finally agree with you. Those who don’t agree with us are stupid, cocky doody heads, deaf and should also be purged from the audio industry or burned at the stake.
  • I was wrong and completely misguided in believing my "illusion" that I preferred the sound of other circuits to your M-60s, which are the greatest amplifiers on the face of the earth...and everything else you design is also the best of the best. Something must have "snapped" in my hearing when I heard the Berning circuit. David is a witch and should be burned on a stake. I will also return to him the $100,000 bribe he gave me. My opinions about directly heated single ended triodes are also complete fabrications. I apologize to PF readers for my mendacity.
  • I also recant all of those warnings I gave readers about the proper use of OTL amplifiers. Readers....Go ahead and use OTLs with any kind of speaker, especially the low impedance/low efficiency kinds. Always believe what an audio manufacturer tells you because they are selfless and only want to make you happy, and this is especially true of Ralph.
  • It doesn’t matter that Ralph uses my copyrighted articles, against my explicit instructions, and has misrepresented to the public my endorsement of his products. From now I give Ralph permission to write his own reviews of his products and just sign my name to them.
  • I will exit the audio industry immediately, and Ralph is right: I am a fake, a phony, deaf and a fraud, except for that one short period when I had praise for Ralph’s M-60s This is the only time in two decades that my opinion or insights were truthful. All others were false, and I apologize to all readers who I led astray.

I believe I have given Ralph the public confession he wanted. I have taken a job as a Spam Inspector at a meat packing plant, and wish you all happiness.

Dr. Gizmo




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