The Pharaoh of Musical Ecstasy Ritual


The Yam Man

Ritual is important. To have a ritual is an exercise in temperance and hopeful revelation. I usually, enter into my musical crypt daily, I unmask the heavenly musical instruments that are all draped in green velvet. I sit down on my musical throne and meditate hoping for excellent communication with the sound god.

My musical sanctum crypt is decorated with pictures of all the Jazz Greats and Classical Artists/Composers. For I hope for an eventual reunion with all the greats artists in the afterlife. The decor is one that only a musician or music lover can appreciate, music books and scores, recordings line any perceived empty spaces. For there is not a space that is not utilized. There’s only one small window that faces the East and display’s nature’s beautiful trees and shrubs.

My Speakers have disappeared long ago, my amplifiers are of so low wattage that it is not worth mentioning, the cable so thin to win, and the music source can only be imagined.

I adjust my musical sound with use of magical yams (tubes). I call these tubes a Yam Harp. Sometimes I use RCA for a darker tone, Sylvania for a balanced sound, Tung-Sol for a clear tone, etc. My crypt has a Chester drawer full of thousands of yam harps each subtly adjusting and controlling the tone for my specific moment and revelation. These yams have various tone colors that are drawn through and into my musical self. I am ready for the projection.

The visualization is a stage and venue of my choice that has been sent to my musical consciousness from the sound god. My body begins to subtley pick up the emerging sound vibrations. Once my body is energized with these sounds and begin my meditation and hopeful transportation into the majestic atonement with music. This meditation is a gateway to a land of the musical performer, I meld with the artists and occasionally, they ask me to play guitar, my jazz box in a all out jam session or present me with a very nice classical piece for which I try to play to the best of my ability on my classical box.

Using the musical imagination is a very rewarding experience. This musical Ritual was developed through trial and error, inspiration, and revelation. I encourage the Guild bros to develop their own musical ritual. Music Rituals help heal, inspire, and reveal.

For I have truly controlled my destiny,

and remain poised and ready for the musical afterlife.

Sources of inspiration:

In Search of Musical Ecstasy Book One - In the Home - Harvey (Gizmo) Rosenberg

Through Music to the Self - Peter Michael Hamel

Color and Music in the New Age - Corinne Heline

Dedicated to the Triode Guild Tribe

the Yam Man

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