While chewing the audio fat with John Broskie I suggested that there was a real need for a basic tube audio school so that all of the newbies to tube audio circuits could get much higher in their understanding of how this technology works. Many of you have been to the web site and have been impressed BUT INTIMIDATED by the sophistication of the circuit exploration.

It is not easy getting a tube education today. When I got into tubes, decades ago, there was a plentiful supply of "teaching materials"…so what is the responsible response?

Sign up for the course.

Start in the "Bunny Group" and work your way up to the "Lion Group". This course is being designed for the man who has the technical competence of just knowing how to use a remote control…so NO FEAR, NO RESISTANCE.

Why is this course so valuable?

The MORE KNOWLEDGE you have when it comes to audio circuits the MORE PLEASURE you will achieve.

Is this just another facet of Dr. Gizmo's global strategy to advance your artification empowerment?


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