"There is no such thing as bad sex"

Woody Allen

"I am suggesting here that the invention of music may have been as a neural excitant to the hallucinations of gods for decision-making in the absence of consciousness"

Julian Jaynes, The Origins of Consciousness in the Breakdown

of The Bicameral Mind, page 369.

"Man instinctively searches for a higher force".

William James, The Varieties of Religious Experience

"The single most important attribute of reproduced music is tone"

Harry Olson, Music, Engineering and Sound.

Before I aggravate your audio orthodoxy, let me:

  1. Confront the rumors about Britney Spears and me: Yes, they are true. What would you expect from me? I grew up worshipping female Mouseketeers, and now that Britney has ascended to American Fertility Goddess, I am her love slave, am a member of her fan club, go to all of her concerts, buy all of her CDs…because rock and roll Fertility Goddess's know what American men/boys want, and they deliver.
  2. Ask you to do this very simple scientific experiment, which will save me lots of time and effort in explaining the mechanism of the " tonal meme/virus", used by aliens, to transform industrial musical consciousness: Take a small container of plain yogurt and let it stand at room temperature. Take a Q-Tip, and use it to clean out your belly button fluff, and then take what you have scooped and place it on the top of the now warm yogurt. If you don’t have any belly button fluff, use toe jam. Put the top of the yogurt container back on, and put the yogurt in some warm dark place for one week. Check back in one week and see how your belly button fluff, or toe jam, the analogy of a tonal virus, has spread throughout the yogurt, which is the analogy for modern industrial musical consciousness. Take this moldy yogurt to class, or a to party, to impress your friends with your groovy experiment which demonstrates how alien genius works.


Women complain, mired in their own sexual confusion, that:

Men are giving dogs a bad name. Response: Men need role models/heroes to imitate, but unfortunately there are none in America, so we instinctively, and rightly so, are imitating the noblest of beast…man's best friend. Have you ever met a dog that lied, stole, or, said an unkind word about another human? Show me one dog that committed a hate crime. Dogs also can teach us a great deal about listening and sniffing. And most importantly, dogs feel no shame in enjoying the pure physical pleasure of music…and doing other really cool stuff that dogs do because they can. My recent experiments at parties where I roll over on my back and let people rub my belly affirms the wisdom of using dogs as a role model.

Men have no brains when we have erections. Response: Mother Nature is very smart, and She knew if men had brains when we have an erection we wouldn't have sex, because we would be distracted by, television, sports, IRS audits, divorce lawyers, work, and hotrods…and couldn't concentrate on the job at hand …and then there wouldn't be any more humans. Nothing helps love more than a very short memory.

Men are only truthful during the five minutes after an orgasm. Response: Humans have always been very uncomfortable with too much truth…and about five minutes worth is just right. Love, forgiveness, beer and fishing are more important values than truth. Just ask Oedipus Rex, or Faust, how much truth is important.

Men are only interested in one thing. Response: Mother Nature made men the only animals that want to have sex all the time. Every molecule of our male body, every nerve ending of our brain, is hot and horny, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, even during our dreams…except during NFL playoffs or the World Series… for two good reasons (2) humans are puny, defenseless, slow, great tasting animals, that saber tooth cats loved to eat, and did, so we must procreate every chance we get. The lower down an animal is on the food chain the more sexually active it must be, and (2) Sexuality is creativity…every male activity, especially music, is charged with our sexual energy…and that includes our religions too.


I have been remiss in not following the lead of Stereophile and Absolute Sound writers and revealing my bias: I recently had my first sexual encounter with an "alien breeder" (described in detail on the Triode Guild web site) and I can never make love to human females again. I now think sex with human females is like listening to music on a Bose Wave Radio, and having sex with an alien breeder, is like conducting the Moscow Symphony Orchestra. Because I performed this important service my alien friends trusted me, and revealed how they directly intervened and used the pentode tube (among other tools of ecstasy) to virus a new musical aesthetic in the 1950s, to save the world from nuclear destruction, liberate the American psyche, cause social and political chaos…and honor the sacrifice African American's made to liberate white people from their slavery to European musical modalities.



To review: Aliens, right after WW II started to travel to Earth again, (they have been here many times before) because they were bored and wanted to have some fun. Earth is to aliens as Disney World is humans…we are an amusement park…we are just like Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse to them…. and they are insuring that they have the most fun…and that means they weren't going to let us, during the Cold War, blow up their favorite amusement park. Now an explanation of Rozwell UFO sightings: Rozwell is the official parking lot for alien's time/space modules, who then travel to Las Vegas by Greyhound bus to enjoy the hilarious spectacle of humans throwing away their hard earned money.

We now return to the same scene at Katz's Deli, on Houston Street, New York City's prime alien entry portal. I am eating a lean pastrami sandwich on rye with a sour Kosher pickle and Dr. Brown Celray soda, with my alien friends…who can travel back and forth through the future and past…as they reveal the "viruses" they used to save the world.

Because this jogulation of your metacontext will be bumpy, now is the time to go to your potty with a brewsky, sit down, put on your safety belt, and light up your favorite smoke. It is okay to wear your official Mouseketeer hat…like the one Britney used to wear.

Now take out your scale and on one side of the scale put the Soviet Union and America's Cold War Mind. Very heavy violent load isn't it…and it is filled with enough nuclear weapons to send us all back to the primal slime pond? How did the aliens counterbalance this heavy collective violent mind, and tip the balance in the other direction? Place on the other side of your scale the birth control pill, the flower of the hemp plant, multi-track recording, and the pentode…a alchemic viral cultural cocktail concocted by our alien friends…who have genius when it comes to the transformation of culture. Just check out what they accomplished in ancient Egypt. Let's quickly review what they revealed to me.

THE BIRTH CONTROL PILL: According to the aliens the only force more powerful than nuclear energy is female sexual energy, and after thousands of years of repression, it was time to release the unexpurgated sexual energy of young females…because nothing changes G. I. Joe's mind quicker than shagmania sexual ecstasy. That is why they planted the formula for this sexually liberating pill in the right place, at the right time. I remind you that the aliens used the same strategy in ancient Greece, and it is described in the play Lysistrata. Talk about higher intelligence: nothing changes a man's brain chemistry faster than the tone of an orgasm!

MARIJUANA: After seeing the success they had in introducing the Egyptian culture to marijuana smoking in 4,000BC, the aliens decided to introduce it to America in the 1960s. The proven power of this plant's alkaloid, as a neural excitant, which not only reorganizes the brain, but makes it much more sensitive to harmonics, was a key ingredient in liberating the constipated American mind. Do I have remind you of how popular this plant was with musicians, soldiers in Vietnam, and why it has become, according to "60 Minutes", America’s number one cash crop?

MULTI-TRACK RECORDING: According to the aliens, they, in the 1950s, used Bing Crosby to fund the development of the Ampex Corp, knowing that very soon the liberated American mind, infected with sexual ecstasy and marijuana, would need a powerful tool to express its expanded aural, qua primal, consciousness….ban the bomb, make love not war, just give peace a chance…let's all come together. This new rebellious life-affirming mind would need a multi-layered aural matrix to express its complexity…and this in turn would become a powerful virus, which would soon overpower the destructive mind that created the Cold War. What percentage of rock and roll records, produced at multi-track recording studios, and is produced with the help of mind-altering substances?

THE PENTODE TUBE: In 1946 aliens invaded Les Paul (who had invented the first sold body electric guitar "The Log" in 1941) , and helped him perfect his new instrument which resulted in Gibson Guitar producing the first Telecaster in 1950..and the tonal virus was free to do its thing …but it was the pentode tube amplifier that made it possible to "transmit" this new instrument's tonal virus right into the American public's mind. There was no inoculation possible against its power to reorganize our brains. In a fret of time, there were skads of new types of electric guitars all exploiting the sound of these pentode guitar amplifiers, which virused and mutated (in their rocker and roller hosts) creating new forms of "noise/distortion"…and the combination of the pentode's tone and noise, became the ultimate anti-nuclear defense weapon…and if you doubt this…just listen to Jimi Hendrix playing "Star Spangled Banner" at Woodstock.

The combination of the above brain viruses were triumphant…as you know.


It is the early 1970s. A small group of music maniacs were rebelling…we were listening to rock and roll, not with transistor amplifiers, which had .0000001% distortion, and were perfect, but with pentode tube amps while…. Smoking dope, and making love…and that is how the high end audio business got started…because this alien combination….this deeper and higher dimension of musical ecstasy, never existed on Earth before…proving just how much smarter aliens are than humans…because when I was in Moscow, right after the historic Billy Joel concert, and right before the recent Soviet revolution, I was consistently told by my hosts….."American rock and roll was destroying Communism".

Let me say this again for the audio record books: the roots of the high end audio industry was sex, drugs and rock and roll…and this trilogy is still true for most rock and rollers and musicians…and this reality is denied..only by the audio industry, that doesn't yet have the moral or intellectual courage to own its complex cultural roots…no matter how dark or illegal it may appear to audio suits.


The electric guitar's aural matrix, which matured in the 1960s, is the foundation of rock and roll. But I remind you that Fender got a patent, in 1941, on their pentode guitar amplifier. Every rock musician is aware that there is only way to play the electric guitar, and it is with a tube amplifier, because a transistor amplifier neither has the proper tone, dynamics, or proper distortion characteristics. An electric guitar is inseparable from its pentode amplifier….and the only way, for the last thirty years, to fully experience this glorious globule of music power, in our home, was with a pentode amplifier. And 99.99% of the rock and roll public doesn't even know this Goliath of music glory exists. Talk about a failure to communicate.

It is the 1970s. Take the average dope smoking hippie American male, who was surrounded by sexually liberated, mini skirted, dope smoking young women…both of whom had upchucked their sexual inhibitions…and put them naked in front of Tympani IB speakers that are tri-amplified with pentode amplifiers..and these humans will have their musical consciousness completely transformed, and they will eat lots of ice cream. How can I be so certain? This was my school room…and I was just one of the thousand of students learning the same lesson.

Lisa, a Mensa Fertility Goddess, who I met in group therapy, initiated me in 1966, into sex, drugs and rock and roll and she insisted that we upgrade our stereo…because her pulsating orgasmic Smith College educated loins demanded better than my dinky Scott receiver, so I bought a Sansui AU999 integrated amplifier, and Rectilinear III speakers, and soon Lisa demanded more, and I said "Yes"…then Bozak Concert Grands..then a Dynaco 400. Suddenly Stereophile appeared and Gordon Holt claimed that a tweaked version of my high school amplifier, the Dynaco MKIIIs, were state of the art, and I bought a pair of Paoli 60Ms, and then a second pair…and I was permanently infected with the pentode virus…and there was no AIDS…and I bought IMF Studio Monitors and then Tympanis…and we all came together…and my pentode amplifier addiction began…because the pentode was the tool of ecstasy…and I was now a member of tribe of music rebels…and we called ourselves the high end audio tribe…and what we were experiencing in our living rooms, was a taboo subject in the audio press, which never aspired to the intellectual integrity of Rolling Stone…or Playboy.

This experience was so unique and transformational that I wanted to be a shaker and mover in the movement…and now you know why I entered the audio business…I couldn't think of anything more spiritually satisfying than producing tools of ecstasy.


While talking to two thermionic savant, John Atwood, of One Electron, and John Broskie, of, I was reminded of how the pentode virus spread, in the 1970s, among solder slingers, and it was called the DYNACO MEME. Because so many had abandoned their tube gear in favor of "perfect" sand based amplifiers it was possible to buy a Stereo 70 or $50, a pair of MKIIIs for $100, a PAS preamp was about $50, and my favorite, the MKIV-mono version of the Stereo 70, for about $100, because it was rare. An industry developed to satisfy our need for tweaking and soldering. This was our pentode school room. Even Audio Research manufactured a kit for updating the Stereo 70.

The key to the extraordinary performance of these Dynaco amplifiers was David Hafler's genius at output transformer design. I even used a pair of tweaked mono 100 watt per channel Dynaco MKVI, (converted 8417s to 6550s with my constant current diff amp input, and with regulated power supplies) to power the bass panels of my Tympanis. Did you know that Hafler was going to use torroid output transformers, but didn't because he switched to sand amps? I know because I saw a picture of his prototype….and I too, once supplied Dynaco upgrade kits.

Those of you who are comfortable building DHT SETs should consider this pentode initiation rite, and I notice that there are still many upgrade kits available for these amps



The pendulum swings: Many of you know me from my earliest audio efforts: TUBE GOD, when I was creating, and selling mods, for pentode tube amplifiers. My decision to enter the audio business, in 1980 , was based on plans to manufacture a very radical pentode amplifier…a low power unit, 30 watts, of great refinement…in a world where high horsepower pentodes ruled. I remind you that Mc Intosh boasted that its smallest tube amplifier, the MC 225, had the lowest distortion, and that the Marantz 9, was once considered huge power at 70 watts. After years of experimentation and listening to my large pentode amplifier collection I reached the conclusion that the low powered pentodes amplifiers sounded more authentic…especially when they had regulated power supplies, and constant current differential amplifier input/phase splitter stages. Then I met Julius Futterman, and the rest is history.

Pentode push/pull amplifiers using EL34 and 6550 tubes were the foundation of high end tube audio for three decades…and then, in 1992, the aliens re-introduced Americans to ancient directly heated triode tubes and positively pre-historic single-ended circuits…which sucked up all the creative energy of tube savants…judging by the number of web sites and chat room devoted to these ancient circuits. Now that the pendulum has swung far to the SET DHT left, it is about to swing back to the pentode right…and for good reasons…which is typical pattern of history. This is also synchronous to the extinction of hairy pentode mammoths.

How confident am I of this prediction? Mark Levinson, the George Washington of Sand Amps, has had a religious conversion and is now in the business of manufacturing pentode amplifiers: Check Red Rose Music, to get the power of the pentode meme.

We are finally coming to the end of decades of profound loudspeaker dumbosity, which has been the fatal marketing/artistic flaw of the high end audio business, and it is called "let's use speakers that are designed for transistor amplifiers for tube amplifiers". (Read the recent Harvard Business School Report: Low Efficiency Loudspeakers: How the High Quality Audio Industry Sabotaged Itself). We notice more and more high efficiency speakers appearing, primarily because of the SET DHT virus (viruses can cooperate)…but this is the best possible news for pentode amplifier manufacturers and fans, because it means (1) the return, the renaissance, of the lower powered, and more refined, pentode amplifier. …and (2) the creation of a new genre of affordable low powered pentode amplifiers designed and priced right for all of the MTV rock and roll maniacs that are maturing and want higher quality sound, MEANING: MORE MUSICAL PLEASURE, MEANING DEEPER RICHER SEXUAL PLEASURE; the type that Britney Spear delivers.

This is the new market for pentode amplifiers, and it is not the audiophile market, of almost dead white audio professors who can't dance, that is now almost extinct. Rock and Rollers trust their fellow rock and rollers, and what could be a better meta-marketing platform than the simple truth that without pentode amplifiers there would be no rock and roll…and everyone from Keith Richards to N'Sync uses them.


The primal mother of us all, the directly heated triode, that appeared before WWI, has three active elements..plate/anode, cathode/filaments and grid, while the more modern pentode has five active elements, plate, cathode, grid, screen grid and filaments. The screen grid was added to give better control over the flow of electrons between the cathode and plate. DHTs and pentodes sound very different because their electrical characteristics, and mechanical design, are very different. Once again we see the compromises inherent in every audio design element: Triodes have steep, very linear curves (cool), while pentodes show nearly horizontal curves. DHTs produce less distortion and have higher dampening factors, while pentodes yield higher power, at the price of higher distortion and lower dampening. Pentodes are much easier to manufacture, and are therefor much lower in cost (very real world cool). Hundreds of thousands of 6L6, and EL 84 pentodes are used, by guitar amplifier manufacturers, every year. There are many other differences, which you will discover as you study this subject in greater detail.

You will also notice that the "classic" guitar amplifiers used Alnico drivers. Check the various tube manufactures web sites and notice how many different versions of the 6L6 are available…each with a different tone.

I remind you that the acoustic suspension speaker's breakthrough, in the 1960s, was that it produced lots of bass in a small box, and needed, because of its low impedance and inefficiency the juice from a transistor output stage. This was important because the rock and roll, " big bang" was the big bass line of the music. This meant that we needed the power of the pentode to satisfy the acoustic suspension speaker's need for power to produce the low notes and harmonics.

Any explorer of pentodosity quickly arrives at the two primal creative challenges: the design of the push/pull output transformer, and (2) voltage amp/phase splitter.

Because pentode tubes have more elements than DHTs, there are OPT design choices to be made that do not exist with SETs…and we have now entered one of the most interesting areas of the tube audio arts….the art of designing pentode OPTs…an activity whose goal it is to create maximum pentode beauty. This explains why there are so many different OPT points of view. In other words, you can take the same pentode tube, and you can, by exercising your options of how you connect the various tube elements to the OPT, radically change the pentode's sonic signature. Here's the important question: What is the best electrical relationship of the screen grid to the grid, plate and cathode? The answer is found in the how the OPT interfaces with these elements. You can also convert a pentode to a triode with one little resistor.

For example: On page 103 of Menno van der Veen's wonderful book about tube amplifiers, you will note that there are EIGHT different ways to connect a single pair of pentodes to the same OPT…each yielding a different sound. Now multiply that number by your choices in power supply design and input/driver stages, and you understand the size of the new pentode frontier…if you are ready to get off the high powered path to hell.

Mac Intosh's tube amplifier fame flowed directly from its unique patented "unity coupled" output transformer design. David Hafler's fame was based on his innovative "ultralinear" output transformer design. During the golden age of pentode amplifiers (pre-transistor) it was possible to buy world class OPTs, from many winders, including Acrosound, Peerless, and United Transformer Company. As I write this there is a "Japanese Encyclopedia" of tube amplifier design next to me, and there are schematics and pictures of a plentitude of pentode amplifiers from 1940-1960 that you don't even know exists…and they were all made in American. Check your RCA tube manual and discover all of the pentode power tubes that you never new existed. What about the cool 807? What about all of the pentode tubes used in the integrated receivers that were made before the introduction of transistors? How many of you have ever heard an EL 84 amplifier…which is a still a common tube in guitar amplifiers?

How many of you have ever heard a pentode amplifier with actively regulated power supplies…including input, output stages and screen grids? How many of you have heard a pentode amplifier that employs a transformer phase splitter? How many of you have heard a pentode amplifier with screen rather than grid drive? How many of you have heard a super-pentode amplifier, or a torroid output transformer? How many of you have experienced constant current differential amplifier input/phase splitters, or plate loaded voltage amplifiers? How many of you have heard a pentode amplifier with one of those super deluxe OPT with silver wire?

Readers of Positive-Feedback, the highest IQ clan of our tribe, know that in the real world, we have to make a choice along the meta-continuum of beaudacity…we must choose between power and refinement. With the availability of many more " tube amp" speakers, pentode amps can now return to their roots of refinement, because now money will not have to be spent on lots of output tubes, big OPTs, and big power transformers. The shift will be to higher quality OPTs, less output tubes, and more refined and regulated power supplies. This new world looks remarkably like the pre-1975 world where 70 watts was HUGE POWER, and normal was 35 watts…which is about right. This is the current fashion in Japan. Get my drift, Popeye? There is a brave new world of pentode amplifier creativity about to emerge for the connoisseur…and then there is the Trump bus op…

An affordable 35 watt pentode amplifier would shake rattle and roll MTVers, if the audio industry, wakes up from its long dark sleep of denial. The reason I am never cynical about the audio arts is because (1) I am a triple fire sign, and (2) I am confident that there are thousands of horny male music lovers who, when they will hear for the time their favorite digital rock and roll music with pentodes amplifiers…will stiffen their resolve. All that it takes to change a man's mind is just one taste of the Britney Spear's type hot liquid midrange, only possible with tubes. I guarantee, after one taste, these men will never go back to the taste of sand based amplifiers. Grunt if you understand what I mean.

A 35 watt pentode amplifier, as you know, will under most circumstances, when used with the right speaker, be much more dynamic than a 100 watt transistor amplifier. A tube amplifier looks infinitely cooler than a sand based amplifier, and that will matter a great deal to the men of MTV, who will want to listen to their music on the same type of amplifier that Keith Richards uses to express his alien vibe. Any one who loves rap music will be in rapture when they, for the first time, hear this music with a pentode amplifier.

Pentode amplifiers changed my life by permitting me to join a tribe of music aliens who demand the most passionate erotic relationship to music. Pentode amplifiers created the roll and roll harmonic virus….and now, during their next higher stage of development they can solve, with the help of aliens, one of America's most serious dilemmas… I have now come full circle to describe how the pentode tube can help America get its substance abuse problem under control…



Let me keep this simple…the reason hundreds of billions of dollars of illegal mind altering substances are ingested by American men every year is because it is the only way to make their universal turdy sounding music system sound sexy…or to put this another way…because the average American man has such a mediocre audio system, he rightly feels sexually depressed, and uses substances to supercharge his brain's sexual energy…to get higher.

The American government, over three decades, has spent trillions of dollars to diminish consumption, but it increases every year. This result is predictable because the only way to solve this problem is by developing a national policy of getting every man, under 25, a pentode amplifier.

What would it take to build the first 250,000 30 watt pentode push/pull amplifiers? Less money than it costs to build one Abrams tank. What would it cost to supply every American family with a pentode amplifier? Less than the cost of one nuclear submarine. I will bet you my Superman Pez dispenser that this is the best way to dramatically reduce the traffic in illegal substances…and give men what they need…which is more erotic musical pleasure.

Tube amplifier manufacturers that are mired in the orthodox audio muck will not be able to respond to this big opportunity because they are too busy comparing micro-dynamics, and pondering how accurate their stereo image is. But I have faith that new smart entrepreneurs will emerge who understand the power of men's primal sexual need…which is exactly as intense as our need for beauty.

As part of this "Save America, Love a Pentode" policy, demonstrations will be given in high schools so students can hear the big difference in sand based and tube amplifiers…so they don't grow up with an ache in their soul that drives them to substance abuse.


Scene: Ananda Ashram, 1984. Dr. Gizmo is sitting in the lotus position, in a circle of people surrounding Roop Verim, a very high sitar player. Roop starts droning his Ragas. Dr. Gizmo closes his eyes and just meditates on the sound of the sitar. It must have been after an hour of this deep sonic meditation that I noticed that my body was lifting off the floor, and began to float. This is a common experience, I later learned.


It is important to explore, once again, the "input" taboo in our tribe: the music now being created was a form that never existed before…it was created using multi-track tape recorders….and it was impossible to create this musical experience in a live concert…and concerts were now the marketing methods to sell the albums which contained the "real" complex, multi-layered musical experience, that was liberated from normal concert space/time continuum. Now music contained large quantum of electronically synthesized sounds. The only way to fully experience this new alien/multi-dimensional musical consciousness was in our home, with our new musical instrument: our state of the art audio system, whose soul purpose was to permit, in the privacy of our home, a more intimate physical connection to the music, i.e. dance naked, make love, conduct, weep, laugh, jump for joy…to the music. The physical inhibitions of public concerts, which always limited our experience of music, were gone…and this was, according to my alien friends, exactly what they intended, because the only way to transform, is to encourage humans to experience the physical joy of life.

Let me say this again, another way, because, the denial of this truth is characteristic of the mealy minded mediocres who ooze in the pustules of the audio arts (Yikes, did I say that?): The revolution in musical consciousness that occurred thirty years ago was the re-emergence of ecstatic musical modalities…the return to the primal physical relationship…the most ancient relationship to music, where the boundaries between music, musician and audience melt away. Boundary dissolution is the prime characteristic of the ancient mind. This was made possible by the new audio arts…created by this new mind…Modern musical creativity is the re-emergence of the unexpurgated ancient wholey musical mind, which was repressed by European

"subject/object" musical modalities. Now you know why African American musical consciousness saved American music…with the help of our alien friends.

Want me to say this a simpler way: The Africa music virus beat out the Europe music virus in the American music race.

My alien friends labeled this new form of experience " synthetic binary ecstatic music modality"… our job is to take the synthetic musical ecstasy, created in a recording studio, and reproduce it in a home…two ecstatic aural spaces coalescing….into a unity of hot erotic, rah, dang, a ding, dong.

I leave you with this one question: How much blood of Black people fertilized our soil, making the American music crop the richest in the world?

Dr. Gizmo:


MEMES: Be sure to read my article about this viral mechanism of culture.


Terrance Mc Kenna: Check for a list of his titles. This is one of the most fascinating presentations of the notion that modern human intelligence was created by plants. A serious scientific discussion of how plant alkaloids alters the brain's functions.

Menno van der veen: I demand you read "Modern High-End Valve Amplifiers"..this is the best book I have ever read on the challenge of designing pentode push/pull amplifiers. Great advice, great circuits and how to. Go to

Julian Jaynes: His "Origins" book has become a meme, for those who are curious about the development of consciousness…and the role that music played in this process.

Harry Olson: Music, Physics, and Engineering, is a bible of audio engineering. Easy to understand.

Steve Waksman: Instruments of Desire, is one of the best books about the influence the electric guitar had on modern musical consciousness.

Ravi Shankar: Raga Mala: Indian musical consciousness virused America in the 1970s, and this book is a fascinating account of the alien who is responsible.

Desmond Morris: Check for his books. The Naked Ape, is great fun because it takes all the bullshit out of what it is to be a language using shit hurling violent ape that is always horny.

BUY ALL GLASSWARE COMPUTER PROGRAMS : Read my article about these John Broskie created computer "tube design" programs, which are all under $50, and will give you a tremendous education in the operation of tube circuits, and will help you design your own amps. This is the greatest bargain in the audio industry in terms of fun and raising your audio IQ. Go to