I don't blame you for being cynical. Since my first posting about Gizmos From the Other Side, I have received hundreds of emails…50% doubters wanting more proof. Isn't this the historical pattern?

Isn't this the challenge that John Edwards is facing? Isn't this the challenge Edgar Cayce faced? Isn't this why Jesus was compelled to perform miracles, and Roger Maris had to prove he could hit 42 home runs?

So when your emails shouted.."Prove it…prove that you have the power to know the Gizmos from the other side", I knew had to respond to this challenge.

PAUSE: May I suggest the following? Watch John Edward's cable television program and ask yourself this question: If the participants are right; if John has the power to clearly make a connection to their relatives or close friends who have crossed over, what are all of these people doing on the other side with their time? Do you think they are just sitting around playing checkers with angels, or reading Spiderman comic books, or watching really stupid soap operas on television? How would you spend your time when you crossed over and arrived at the other side? This can be a frightening question, so consider it carefully.


I went into a deep gizmological meditation in the hopes that something major would appear. Nothing happed, so I fasted and I prayed for one week, until I was so exhausted I feel into a deep trance…and this is what I saw…from the other side…and this vision should prove to all doubters and cynics that the gizmological glory on the other side is guaranteed…to those men who live a Wholey life on Earth….

Tens of millions of living men know this truth: fishing can be as close as one can get to Heaven on Earth, Perhaps I should say this another way: The reason that millions of men are passionate about fishing is because it is very close to Heaven on Earth. Why is this true?

Fishing is a very complex process that captures our imagination; that opens the normally protected male soul to much higher forms of knowledge. Here is another typical case of "God is in the details", especially the lures, bait, and tackle we use. Fishing is, in a literal sense, a religious experience.

Does this explain why fish are such powerful religious and artistic symbols/metaphors? Does this explain why men literally spend billions of hours, every year, dreaming about their "dream fish"? Does this explain why a "peak" fishing experience can define a man's spiritual value? Does this explain why so many men joke, seriously, about our dream of "fishing heaven"? Does this explain why mastery of "fishing tools" is so important? Does this explain why billions of hours are spent every year trying to fathom the mysterious mind of fish? The question, "What do fish really want" is asked more often in American than, "What do women really want"?

Don't answer these question…but do consider the size of the industry that is devoted to producing the tools we need to fulfill our "fish dream", from motorboats, tackle, lodges, to clothing to live bait..magazines, how to videos, to fish art, etc.





IT IS 6AM: .as I drink my first cup of coffee. I hear the birds singing outside. It is a perfect late summer day. All of my tackle is in the car…I put it there the night before. I open the refrigerator and take out my lunch and the beer and put them into the cooler.

The morning sun, rich, golden and clear is bouncing off the wood, I mean the Tonkin cane bamboo of my station wagon…the only woody station wagon that has ever been made with Tonkin bamboo cane, the type, as you know, that is used in making bamboo fishing rods…exactly like the bamboo used in my fishing rod in the back of my bamboo woody.

QUESTION: Why is it so important to drive to our favorite fishing spot in a custom made bamboo woody station wagon, and HOW WAS THIS "WORLD'S FIRST" WORK OF BAMBOO CAR ART CREATED?

ANSWER: When we get to the other side, the "artification process" that we love about fishing is taken up a bunch of notches. How we travel to our favorite fishing spot; the time that we spend between our awakening and start fishing; this time of expectation, is extremely important…so important that we should be using absolutely the most beautiful transportation imaginable to our higher dimension. ( Explanation for non-fisherman: This segment of expectation is just like the segment of time we experience before we meet a women we love passionately..that we haven't seen in a very long time..desire builds to a feverish flash-point making the meeting more exciting) Can you imagine what it would feel like, enveloped in this car's glowing beauty, to drive a perfect Tonkin cane woody station wagon to your favorite fishing spot? Can you imagine how that would make you feel, raise your harmonic, and make you much more sensitive to the beauty of the day's fishing?


For hundreds of years artisans have been converting raw bamboo into works of art. Check these URLs and then imagine how this process could be applied to a woody station wagon.



Now that you are no longer a cynic/doubter you naturally want to know how this concrescence of fishing coolosity got built. Actually it was very simple: On the other side there are hundreds of craftsmen who make bamboo fishing rods…or whatever sensitive Wholey men need. Because we care about beauty, they are ready to serve…and they are ready to use their "bamboo" artistic skills to make anything we need to elevate our ecstasy…including a woody station wagon…like the one that was built for me. Like the one that will be built for you when you get to the other side.

You may feel a little foolish now that you realize how easy it is to make a bamboo woody station wagon on the other side, when you have a tribe of willing artisans, and don't have to worry about the cost.

(NOTE: If after reading this you decide you must have a bamboo woody station wagon on earth be prepared to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars.)

Don't panic, because you are beginning to get the gist of the price of these hand made bamboo fishing rods, because on the other side…Wholey men serve each other without any need for compensation.






For those of you who were unaware of how passionate Earth-bound Wholey men are about their fishing rods/tools of ecstasy, just check these links, and then let's go fishing…because this is where the real ecstasy begins…









I can understand why you would find it hard to believe that I caught a small mouth bass mermaid .one that sang a song so deliriously beautiful I started to cry in my bait bucket but it is true and all that I did was confirm what tens of millions of Earth-bound men believe there is a fishing heaven and it is filled with fishing thrills that make all Earthly fishing thrills pale in comparison.

PAUSE: Many of you High IQ doubters will be quick to point out that Mermaids are salt water creatures, so it is impossible for them to hang out in bass ponds. This was true until about twenty years ago when Mermaids, who as you know, love song, discovered "The Nashville Sound", and decided it was time to "cross over" from "the salt sound" to the "sweet water sound".

How old is our passion for female fish that sing? Why don't we ask Homer, or the seafarers of ancient Europe how old our dream is of meeting a fish whose song is so beautiful that we loose our ability to resist?





Rather than go out in a boat I decided to cast from shore and just enjoy throwing my crank bait


into the weeds and nooks and crannies of the dead trees that filled the shallows. I put my "music box" next to me on the ground and slipped in my favorite Faith Hill CD, lit up my favorite Ashton maduro "morning" cigar opened my thermos of coffee and poured some java and started to cast into the pond's mist that was now mingling with Faith's song, the aroma of fresh coffee and the smoke of my cigar..

At first I thought there was something wrong with Faith's CD because I was hearing an unnatural echo…and then I realized I was hearing someone from across the pond singing along with Faith…and then it stopped. As I threw my next cast, I heard a very loud SPLASH, and my heart started to beat very fast…but no strike so I kept on casting in the direction of the splash but still no strike so I changed my lure and started to cast again.

The tug on my rod was so strong that it dragged him off the bank and into the water and I looked out into the mist that was still covering the pond and as I struggled with my rod I couldn't see what kind of fish was making those thunderous splashes .then my rod went dead what ever it was it was gone. and as I turned around to get back on the bank...this is what I saw.


PAUSE: I am trying to figure out how to describe what happened next and what I discovered about small mouth bass mermaids who sing and what this will mean to YOU, and the entire sports fishing industry because, as you know, REVOLUTIONS can cause a great deal of pain.

How can I describe the beauty and power of Marylou's songs? How can I reveal the bass fishing secrets she taught me? How can I reveal the mysteries of the bass's mind she revealed to me? How can I describe the experience of spending the entire day and night with her…especially swimming side by by side in the moonlight? How can I reveal any of this information without causing major political and economic disruption in America? What would happen to the American family, which is in enough trouble if I reveal what happened between Marylou and me on that beach?

What can I safely reveal? I can reveal pictures of her sisters, who according to Marylou are right now swimming around in bass ponds on Earth maybe in your favorite one .http://www.iit.edu/~moelcra/mermaid.html


For many of you what I revealed you already knew…no big deal. For many other men my vision is shocking and potentially disruptive to your normal life.

Take some time under an old oak tree and consider this: If you live a Wholey life and Earth, when you get to the other side, all of your dreams will be as real as you want them to be. I can't think of a better incentive to be the art that you art because there is no other way to be Wholey.

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