Want more musical ecstasy? Expand your brain, not the amount of money you spend on audio gizmos.

To continue my campaign to expand your gizmological meta-context let's take a trip to Japan, once again, by way of the Plitron web site.

To repeat for the one millionith time because Japanese audiomaniacs are so much more serious about their hunt for subtle beauty, they take the artification of their tube circuits much more seriously.

Though the Plitron web site is NOT easy to use, you will finally wind up on the section devoted to Menno van derveen and his book, which you should buy.

At the bottom of that page you will notice a bunch of small white boxes with titles which are descriptions of pdf files.you should read them all BUT the one that is IMPORTANT is the DIY 300B SET article by SATORU KOBAYASHI, that originally appeared in Glass Audio.

Read and re-read this article until you understand Satoru groovosity though you may not understand the nitty gritty circuit jive. Consider the importance of matching the OPT transformer's impedance to the 300B operating point, and what he claims about the impedance of driver circuits.

Now you know why I choose the "non-normal" 5K load.

One of the most novel features of his design is the use of 'SOLID STATE ACTIVE POWER SUPPLY REGULATION" because it is EASY and CHEAP.

Did you read my article about OPTIMAL PENTODE AURAL MATRIX http://www.meta-gizmo.com/Tri/therm/OPTP_AM.html that discusses the same concept applied to pentode amplifiers that I used in the 1970s?: http://www.meta-gizmo.com/Tri/prefutterman.html


I spite of what you think the whole 300B SET shabang is not yet at a high degree of development/refinement in America and most of the world. Gifted amateurs are still creating much more sophisticated circuits than audio manufacturers.

I have now presented, once again, my argument why you should learn how to build your own tube amplifier and follow the wisdom of our Japanese bros'. Need some encouragement? Buy a bottle of Saki and rent the video SEVEN SAMURAI.

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