In one sense the Triode Guild is a "bug repellent". Anyone who is bugged by our attitude stays away. On the other hand the Triode Guild is a sanctuary for the Wholey. I have been getting more and more emails from women who spent time on the Triode Guild because the men they love told them about it. It makes sense that gifted, artistic, sensitive men should be intimate with women who share those unusual traits.

After posting the "Groovation" article I started to get offerings of various kinds, and was delighted to get an email from Amber and Shalom, and their picture:

Dear Dr. Gizmo,

We have enclosed this picture as an offering, a celebration of the musicmaniacs of the Triode Guild. We are offering the best we have to offer as a way of acknowledging our admiration of men who care passionately about beauty. It is not easy for men to be vulnerable; to let their emotions be naked and proud. I hope our picture inspires.

Thanks, and keep up the aggravation of the orthodoxy, because the orthodoxy kills.

Amber and Shalom.

Goddesses of Love

NOTE: Have you noticed that women's fashion magazines have more nudity than Esquire? Have you seen those cable television fashion shows where the models are almost naked while walking down the runway?

Is this sexual exploitation of women, or are we watching the liberation of the ancient Love Goddess, at long last in uptight America?

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