I hope I am being successful in my mission to convince you that every gifted listener’s senses are completely interconnected; listening to music involves the whole-osity of our being, which means great music sounds, feels, taste and smells great.

A concrete example of this was the arrival of Ron Welborne’s 2A3 Moondog amplifiers. I immediately played one of my favorite Ry Cooder CDs and listened, and I started to think about know the stuff that comes from cows, and then I started to remember my partner in my textile design firm I operated in the 1970s before I fell into the audio industry. My partner was Don Rafelson, the brother of the famous movie producer Bob Rafelson. Don is six foot, six inches tall and a man of enormous appetites. Because our business required us to travel a great deal in Europe, and because Don loved smoking dope, he used his brother’s movie connections in Europe to score in what ever city we were visiting, and that covered every city from Dublin to Padua. But I am not now interested in discussing dope smoke, but cream. Don was a cream addict. He loved the stuff.

Before dinner Don would get stoned so that he could relish the advanced state of European gourmet cooking which was easy because we were always on an expense account of some big Fortune 500 company or being entertained by locals who wanted to impress us. Don became a cream connoisseur and loved talking and sampling the local cream variants. Don pointed out that American cream can never compare to the quality European cream because European grass and feed was better than American grass and feed yielding a richer, subtler flavor.

Europeans who have never surrendered to America’s diet mania enjoyed creams much more...on their foods, in their deserts, coffees....give a European an empty space and they will cover it will cream.

Quite frankly I am not a cream person, but I did sample the hundreds of variants that passed across Don’s plate. I will never forget the time in Munich when he ordered a gigantic bowl of “Schlag” just so he could savor the unique flavor of German whipped cream.

How important was cream to Don? We named our design company..THE ECONOMY CREAM SEPARATOR COMPANY, and our motto was YOU CAN CREAM MORE ECONOMICALLY WITH US.

Now I know you get the point of all of this connectedness...directly heated triodes produce music cream...not juice, and from now on I will correct my more music juice...just music cream...produced economically by directly heated triodes. It is your job, the responsibility of the gifted listener, to travel from place to place experiencing and tasting the unique flavors of music cream, and to do that as economically as possible...which is why so many are enjoying the flavors of directly heated triode cream..

What is more thrilling than creaming over music and having all of the flavor choices we now have?


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