Before I explain why Eric Barbour, like Mike VansEver is in mortal danger, I must take you on a trip to pre-revolution Soviet Union. I had the good fortune to be working there right before the revolution and anyone and everyone who had that experience reached the same head scratching conclusion...How is it possible that such a wrong headed obsolete dysfunctional political/economic system  could last for so long? How could billions of people get trapped in the perversity of Communism’s way of organizing life? Let us not forget that for almost 90 years this system operated before it collapsed.

Think about that and then plug in American solid state audio orthodoxy, which is now collapsing in the same way Communism collapsed because “the truth is powerful”...transistors are not  good audio amplifying devices.

Is it possible for an entire industry to be wrong headed/dysfunctional about their core engineering philosophy? Is it possible that hundreds of millions of people, which were depended on the Soviet agricultural system for survival, were depended on an economic system that was wrong headed/dysfunctional? Is it possible for a political system, and economic system, or a core engineering philosophy to be wronged headed and be defended to the death? Just consider American slavery, South Africa, polyester double knits, and solid state audio electronics.

So it is understandable with billions of dollars invested in “ transistors are better” with the hundreds of millions spent yearly convincing the public that Communism works that there would be contract out on Eric Barbour life. I know this to be true because my friends in the Mafia called me and told me that powerful forces wanted Eric taken on a long walk on a short pier.

Clearly, the less the public knows about the fundamental engineering/aesthetic snafu inherent in all solid state devices the better. Eric’s lead (cover) article, The Cool Sound of Tubes,  in Spectrum, the Journal of The Institute of Electrical and Electronics  Engineers is sending shock waves through the Communist party, and they are very unhappy. Every serious audio engineer is talking about this article, and because most of you don’t even know about the IEEE you must now go to:, and read the article.

What Eric is fundamentally saying is: What musicians and music lovers know, and what “normal” engineers don’t have a clue about, is the authentic sound of music. Music people intuitively uses tube electronics...and then Eric goes on to demonstrate the “amusical” nature of solid state distortion.

Of course we all know that the Communist model of audio engineering was based on a fundamentally erroneous notion: steady  state test signals have a close association with a music signal, which they do not, have not and never will. This is a perfect analogy to the way the Communist pricing system worked which looked so sublime on paper ( I know I studied it at the Wharton School of Business) but never had an relationship to the reality of supply and demand.

As you know revolutions never come from the center but always from the edge, and the thermionic revolution continues because passionate music lovers are courageous to ask the most fundamental question...does that sound like music.

Thanks for your effort on our behalf Eric.


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