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The Guildmeister of the Triode Guild is celebrating the contribution that Ed Dell has made to the advancement of the American audio arts through his publications. His contribution and commitment is unique.

Many years ago there was a distressing rumor circulating in the audio industry that Ed Dell had suffered a bad auto accident and there was a crisis in the emergency room that was treating him. According to the rumor, from Ed’s serious wounds, resistors, capacitors, IC chips, tube sockets, and inductors were flowing….not blood…and the doctors thought they were dealing with an extraterrestrial.

It was a relief, for all, to discover that this was just a rumor. The truth is that Ed, more than any other human, through his publications, has supported the work of America’s grass roots audio artists who, in my opinion, represents the single most dynamic element in the advancement of our very conservative industry.


Ed would be considered a national treasure. This is not Japan, a culture that is much more sophisticated and developed in terms of supporting a large minion of men who express their artistic souls by hand crafting audio art. This is America, and most American men have lost the use of their hands, except for working their computer keyboard or using a TV remote control. Having declared that, I can now explain Ed’s unique contribution to the American audio arts…and let me start with only one of many concrete examples…that changed my life. It is a good example of how Ed’s commitment has altered so many other lives.

If it were not for Ed’s publications I would have not met Nobu Shishido. Ed was the first to publish this Japanese master’s exotic vision of single-ended amplifier art, which has now virused America. Looking back over the decades at Ed’s editorial decisions we discover a man who was always hunting for the exotic, yet accessible "hot rod" audio project. Ed’s publications have been the platform for new artists to get their first big break.

What this means is that Ed’s publications have become a place where the most innovative and adventuresome audio artists share their art. Not only is this the place where David Berning, and Nelson Pass have made public their really cool developments, but nuclear scientists, electronics designers, and Mr. Radio TV Repair have all shared their pet audio projects.

But there is a higher dimension of Ed’s editorial mind…it is the unfettered investigation of the paradoxes of audio circuits…both electrical and mechanical. On the pages of his magazines we discover the more complex truth about how amplifiers, preamps, and speakers operate; a truth that is too complex and perilous to reveal in commercial glossy magazines. No other editor has maintained such a high and long-term intellectual commitment to wrestling with the paradoxes of the audio arts. Should we give Ed the nickname NITRO?

What you will find in Ed’s latest publication, AudioXpress, is a compendium of HOW TO BUILD articles…from tube to solid state projects to speaker projects…and articles investigating serious design issues. This is a magazine for the skilled solder slinger…with a big plus. With the Internet it is possible to download files directly from the author of the articles. In every construction article there is always a professional parts list, schematics or plans for cutting wood for speaker cabinets, when needed.


You are thinking.."I am not a savvy solder slinger…why would I want to subscribe to AudioXpress". The answer is TAKE A TASTE TEST. Order one issue, and discover if it will change your notion about the audio artification process. I think it will. Consider each issue audio brain food.

Let me give you a good analogy for the taste test: This is like being given a one-day guest membership in the Hell’s Angels of Audio.


For over two decades Ed’s publications have been an inspiration to me, connecting me to a web of audio artisans who went way beyond the limitations of "ready to wear" audio. I am not alone in the view that Ed’s work has been a significant factor in advancing the American audio arts.

It is time for you to connect to Ed’s web.

Dr, Gizmo, Guildmeister of the Triode Guild®

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