It is obvious that I have become a guru of gizmos. It is my fate, destiny and DNA, but I want to clearly state my "message" so that there is no confusion. It is short and simple:

1. I don’t believe in gurus, because the only guru worth listening to is the guru in you, and it is your job to discover him and learn to how communicate to him and listen to his wisdom.

2. That is why it is so important to create sacred places and meta-gizmos (totem) in your life, because they make the dialogue process easier, more profound and more fun. It is in these sacred places and with these meta-gizmos that you amplify your power of self discovery.

3. Find wholey activities and then.....practice, practice and practice them. Make them a religion, and great fun. Be both deadly serious and the Joker about these passions. What ever else you choose, choose music as one of your wholiest of wholies.

4. Express the art and the chaos that you are, and make no apologies for your humanity....and share in that joy of sharing.



Let me give you a concrete example of the above....

This is my spiritual metacontext. These are the activities that I practice because they keep me in a Wholey state, and at the foundation of each is music.


The Audio Arts

Custom Cars and Motorcycles

Fly Fishing


Target Shooting with Rifles/handloading


The reason that each of these activities is so important for my survival is because rational knowledge is such a poor guide to living. Each of the above activities permits me to tune into more primal levels of my intelligence, to guide me on the wholey path. The QUALITY of the tone of my music system is important to me, because that tone is my tone. The reason I must build my own custom motors is because in the building I am fortifying the art in my soul...and that is an essential activity. I spend hours making my own arrows so that I can precisely place my spirit in each so that when the arrow is heading for the target it is me that will hit the bullseye.

This also explains why the tools, the instruments I use are so important...they are the translators of the my wholiness...the flyrod delivers me to the rising trout through the fly I so carefully tied. Why are carburetors so important to us? To be free, we must breath free, and we all know the feeling of being spiritually choked...and I say unto my bros’...treat your motor as you would treat yourself.....breath free.

And now we retain the ubiquity of the audio arts....we are listening to music every where and in completely unnatural places for music. Music has become the dominate spiritual metacontext for the world, and our community is the Pope...the spiritual high ground, for an industry that must always seek the lowest common denominator.

That is why your Wholiness is so you know...a single man’s wholiness can transform the be wholey....practice your golf, bowling, bass fishing, Frisbee, ice skating....with your complete heart and soul...and always do it with music.