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In response to the hot and wholey artistic challenge of creating a new form of musical relatedness ; one that could never exist at a live musical event; one that is more complex, intimate, and sensual, we wrestle with still crude audio gizmos…and cajole them to create a home aural matrix that triggers musical ecstasy in our living room. Not only is this thrilling process difficult, the old 3rd Wave audio paradigm, articulated by almost dead white audio professors who can't dance, inhibited this process. In any significant male activity, like the audio arts, paradox and enigma reigns supreme, because that is the nature of the rich, mysterious, sensuous complexity of our male DNA. I have now explained why we rebelled against the prevailing high end audio orthodoxy and why……..

4th Wave Modality may be the only accurate thesis in the audio arts, to wit: (1) Music is an emotion that only exists in our body..there is no external, scientific reality to music (2) The goal of this process is to create an ecstatic musical event in our living room, (3) No one has a clue about the true nature of the music encoded in a CD or record, which means that "inputs are the primal mystery", (4)Every audio device is serious compromise, has its own strong personality, and is, in reality, a musical instrument, (5) Audio systems are chaos systems, and our musical consciousness, which is ever evolving, is the single most important element of this system. (6) Listening is a gift and not equally distributed, and…owning expensive audio equipment has no relation to our capacity to surrender to music's power … (7) Audio systems must be tunable, like all musical instruments, to reflect the ever evolving tides of our tune, (8) There is only one authority on this process: you, and that means you, the gifted listener, must be in complete control of your aural matrix, (9) Never trust: anyone over thirty,…. a man who wears just a trench coat…a weirdo wearing a kilt, or, any man who uses the word, "perfection", "neutral", or "accurate" when describing any audio device….as a way of avoiding the deeper appreciation of the rich complexity of the audio arts.

For those still mired in 3rd Wave muck.…consider this..all of the recorded music you listen to is created by a 4th Wave audio system…. ….every recording studio is, by its very nature tunable…or go the Fender web site and click on CUSTOM SHOP…to discover the roots of the 4th Wave mind.

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