The great leader and lawgiver of the Hebrews. He is the son of Amram, a Levite. Moses was born in Egypt, round 1571 BCE. The pharaoh's daughter found him in a wicker basket floating on the river and adopted him. At court he received a liberal education, but later fled to Midian. He was called to lead the Exodus. He died on Nebo, aged 120 years. He is the reputed author of the Pentateuch and Job.


Ten Commandments

The ten rules for daily life given by God to Moses on Mount Sinai. They were, according to Exodus, inscribed on two stone tablets by God himself. Moses later destroyed the tablets in anger over his peoples abandonment of their faith. God then commanded him to hew and inscribe new tablets, and those were deposited in the Ark of the Covenant:
1. the prologue and prohibition of the worship of any deity but God;
2. prohibition of idolatry;
3. prohibition of the use of the name of God for vain purposes;
4. observance of the Sabbath;
5. honoring of one's father and mother;
6. prohibition of murder;
7. prohibition of adultery;
8. prohibition of stealing;
9. prohibition of giving false testimony;
10. prohibition of coveting the property or wife of one's neighbor.


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