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CEO, Dr. Harvey "Gizmo" Rosenberg is wants to talk to you if you are an "A"type, with an above average IQ, and can prove it.

QUALIFICATIONS: 4 years of military service, mastery of the post WW II French Fashion Trends, electrical engineering, savvy solder slinger, fluent in Hebrew and Swahili, adores short men, Mensa membership, tango skills, and Microsoft Office 2000.

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In only one week's time I had two hundred responses and narrowed that down to twenty five extremely attractive applicants.

I decided that I would hold a competition to see which
applicant had the right stuff.

I staged the following events:

Arm wrestling

Competitive Shouting and nagging

Door Slamming

Dirty Looks

Schematic reading speed

After a grueling twelve hour competition the winner, by elimination, was Ms. "Honey" Sanchez, a happily married mother of two very young boys. Her husband, Manny " Glue" Sanchez, one of America's most respected adhesive inventors, works for Celanese Corp.


Because I am a liberated man, I believe every women should define her own office dress standards….and not chauvinist over sexed capitalist pigs. Let me explain what Honey's fashion statement means: It is very simple. She is doing her best to support our tube music crusade, because she believes in it, and us, and she wants to offer us her full support…even on the totemic ancient female fertility idol level from most deep and far away.

That type of employee is inspirational, makes the day to day, nitty gritty, office chores bearable. I am sure that if you speak to her on the phone you will experience her typical higher tube vibe.

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the other girls that work at

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