Before you read any further I, again, suggest you read Carl Jung's Synchronicity, which is one of the best insights on why we experience those "weird accidents", like we are thinking about a person and they call on the phone, or we are walking down the street thinking about something and there it is right in front of us.

As you know I am interested in astronomy, astrophysics, and the breakthrough in quantum physics. My articles on SETMI reflect this interest.

It should be obvious to the gizmosavants that the telescope is an amplifier just like our tube amplifiers. A telescope not only amplifies the tiny "signal" of light, or radio waves; it also amplifies our imagination. Astronomy is as much about the science of bodies in the cosmos, as the deep speculation on the unknowable mysterious forces that created the cosmos and rock and roll.

That is why I love attending astronomy conferences and hanging out with men who love their senses and imagination amplified. While attending the American Society of Astronomers Convention I enrolled in a number of different workshops. As you can imagine, the Hubble Telescope is making a big impact on our ability to "see" into deep space. This expansion of clarity is analogous to what is happening in the audio arts with tube circuits.

(PAUSE: The Hubble Telescope is probably the most expensive amplifier ever built; with estimates at $1Billion, yet it is not perfect, and has serious compromises. Now you know why I wear EAR SICKNESS BAGS when I look at audio ads that claim "perfection" and "no compromises" Are you listening Dr. Bose?)

Venus was a "hot" topic because the surface of this planet was becoming more visible and during one slide presentation Dr. Ferdinand Suarez of MIT showed slides of what he labeled "The Mounds of Venus"

The moon has its craters, created by meteor impact, and Venus has its mounds, which Dr. Suarez speculated was caused by "upward pressure" from eruptions in its molten core.

That night after the conferences and presentation there was a cocktail/dinner party and there was a great rock and roll band playing. Yes, astronomers love their rock and roll. I saw Dr. Suarez and walked over and talked to him, and this is what I discovered, and it shouldn't surprise you.

Venus and its mounds have fascinated men for centuries. According to Dr. Suarez,

"Mounds of Venus have deeply affected the imagination of men for thousands of years, which explains why the ancients created so many myths about this planet. Just think of all the myths, art, poetry that has been created about it. What about human passion and love?

Why is the most intense emotions between men and women associated with this planet?"

Then I asked Dr. Suarez "Why was mound building so common among the native people of America from Alaska to South America".

"And wasn't mound building common in archaic Europe and Asia? Is it possible that some ancient long lost civilization built those mounds on Venus…like the civilization that once lived on Mars and invaded America in the grade "D" black and white science movies in the 1950s?"

Suarez looked at me like, I was nuts,,

"Get serious. No way. Venus has never been inhabited by any life form, as far as we can tell. Humans love building mounds because mounds fascinate men".

I am going to stop discussing my discussions with Dr. Suarez now so I can jump forward to the next day when I am back in my office in Stamford CT. when I got an email from Buck Rogers that said:


I have sent you a map of Venus because it is the key to understanding when and how rock and roll was first invented millions of years ago. Study this map closely.

As you know I have been using Venus as my home base for over five hundred years. I have scheduled your arrival at THE MOUNDS OF VENUS, and after we spend a few days exploring these mysterious mounds, which is the first source of rock and roll, we are going on a tour of my tube factories, where all of our special "rock and roll" tubes are manufactured. Be sure to bring a bathing suit because THE MOUNDS OF VENUS are just like the Brazilian rainforest …very hot and sticky.



You probably are freaking now, the way I was when I got that email.

One day I am watching slides of Venus's mounds at an astronomy conference, and the next day I am told that soon I will be exploring the Mounds of Venus. Then Buck tells me that he has been using Venus as his home base for over five hundred years…but he was a pilot in WW I. And what does Buck mean when he says that that rock and roll f originated on the Mounds of Venus?

If that is true how did rock and roll get to Earth in the 1960s? Does this make any sense to you?

Do any of you have experience with astronomy or the Mounds of Venus?

Have any of you ever experienced rock and roll coming from the Mounds of Venus?