Why We Were Cast Out

Of The

MTV Aural Garden of Eden

The first moment of aural consciousness

We are all born into an aural Garden of Eden, and no one wants to leave it because aural consciousness is not only a pain in the butt, but a painful aggravation.

Not everyone is compelled to leave the MTV Garden of Eden, because not everyone has the potential for rock and roll consciousness; not everyone has the right stuff to wrestle with the demons of aural mediocrity.

MTV is as old as the Garden of Eden, and its age is between 10-20 when our glands are pumping the highest octane testosterone and all that we want to do is enjoy the fruits of perfection: perfect hard bodies, perfect rock stars, perfectly beautiful images, perfect adolescent fertility Goddesses, perfect spring break rituals, perfect celebrities, perfect daily award ceremonies.

Just sit back and the great MTV tit will feed all of our desire with no struggle.

MTV is just doing its job by providing a place where millions of "pre-conscious" pubescent rock and rollers can satisfy their spiritual needs. How important are the spiritual needs of these pubescent rock and rollers? The fortunes of some of the world's largest companies surf on their pulsating loins. Even Disney, which considered pulsating teenage loins off limits for decades, is now serving their needs by producing "bubble gum" rock.

No wonder that so many teenage boys and girls want to grow up and be a rock star. What could be cooler? Wouldn't you sign a contract with the Devil to be a rock star?

But then shit happens to those who have the nascent gift of rock and roll consciousness. It and we often appears accidental, we taste the fruit of aural knowledge, and we awakened, and we are shocked, and we are CAST OUT.

Consciousness is a major pain in the butt. It is relentless. It is a constant aggravation, and its pain is a test of our faith.

The pressure for the dumbing down of rock and roll is enormous. Why should a product that has a shelf life of four weeks meet high standards?

FACTS: Rock and roll is produced to satisfy the taste and standards of teenagers, who listen to music on primitive music systems. Modern music marketing is more about pulsating loins and how a rock act looks on MTV than the quality of the music experience. This is the conventional wisdom of how to "go platinum" for rock and rollers who are roller coasting on their adolescent glandular systems..and it is right.

For a vast majority of rock and roll fans the actual sound of the music is a minor consideration especially, AGAIN, since that CD has value for about four weeks..and then it is worthless.

That is why when "conscious rock and rollers" listen to music recorded by the great stars of on a higher quality music system it is apparent that something is wrong with the music..the sound quality, at best is very mediocre..and often unlistenable.

If you listen carefully you will hear rock and rollers saying "The sound of this CD sucks!..more and more Some claim that there is a new law of rock and roll recording: there is an inverse relationship between sound quality and the size of the star.

Sound quality, traditionally the most fundamental concern of musicians and producers is being sacrificed because literally no one cares about it. Why should they? The only thing that is important is that the music sounds good on the lowest level of audio technology, the table or car radio. Nothing else matters, because that is the key to sales.

Why do acts spend many hundreds of thousands of dollars on their recording sessions? Artist must, because it is food for their artistic ego, which is enormous. If the sound quality of their music mattered to them, they would be using recording technology that is so flawed that it is impossible to deliver high quality sound.

The goal of every rock and roll act is to gather up as many fans as possible because FANS = SALES, and the bank payments on twelve cars is major. If fans don’t care about aural quality why should they?

If the record executive in charge of the profit center of the label doesn’t care about quality why should they? If MTV only cares about the way their music looks, why should they care about the way it sounds? If Rolling Stone, Spin and every other rock and roll magazine observe the code of aural mediocrity silence and never mention sound quality, why rock the boat?


Yet, in spite of these enormous forces for aural mediocrity, a new consciousness is emerging among music fans and professionals in the audio and music industry: something is very wrong with digital audio. In only a few short years there is a "digital format war" to replace "perfect" with one that is much better in the form of SACD and DVD. Many professionals agree that the current digital format has been abused and has resulted in two dimensional, compressed and unnatural sounding music because the music industry doesn’t care about sound quality, but only about SELL MORE.

There is also a loud grumbling in the concert production business to the tune of "it is impossible to create a high quality sound in the stadiums and venues that big rock act need to perform in to make a profit…and we are shooting ourselves in the foot". No doubt about it, a rock concert can be an exciting ritual, but it is easy to produce a quality music experience on the moon than a major sports stadium.

Modern digital recording studios, in spite of their protests to the contrary are not designed to produce quality sound, but to satisfy rock and groups and producers "aural space ship" fantasy. The complexity of digital recording studios is expanding at the speed of light, and the resulting discombobulated sound has created a rebellion…a movement towards simpler electronics which do not do as much damage to the musical signal.

The highest aspiration of a record producer is to have his "million dollar" mix sound good on a 59 cent loudspeaker…the kind that we find in a radio or car. When this music is listened to, on even the most mediocre sound system we hear is the glaring deficiencies of a "radio mix".

There is not refuting that MP3 music is thrilling in the same way that free 99 cent hamburgers are thrilling.


So why am I so sanguine? I have faith in moldy cheese, which is not only how the average rock and roll CD tastes, but is the process of how higher aural consciousness viruses culture. From one rock and roller to another, one at a time, the process heightened aural consciousness moves forward.

That is why YOU are so important in the process. Consider yourself a MAJOR MOLD and just do your job.


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