$99 TESLA 300B

Hulk Hogan is my hero. I wish I could be exactly like him. I love the way he looks and dresses. I admire his completely open/honest expression of his emotions. Obviously, I am not alone in my admiration for this warrior. So like so many of his fans I too get into Hulkmania...which is a sublime form of male energy that is sadly lacking in the audio industry...but as Hulk would say....."Only wimps complain". So let this be your first experience of me as Hulk.


Okay, you can’t afford Western Electric 300Bs at $300+ per tube, because you need to buy twenty cases of Bud for this weekends barbecue, and your dues are due at Gold’s gym. You want nothing to do with those pentode pinheads, and you are straining to keep yourself from pounding their heads into their high feedback Williamson type circuits. Right on dude.

Let’s face it triode fans...real men listen to 300Bs, and more and more men are getting their shit together, bulking up and getting into the directly heated triode ring. This means that more and more tube manufacturers are competing for the money you earn hauling steel out of Pittsburgh.

Dare me if you can...but I have wrestled with all the great 300Bs, and I am the champ because I have wrestled with them with alnico horn speakers, 300B push/pull transformer coupled amplifiers (check upcoming issue of Positive Feedback), with tube regulated power supplies, single-ended circuits with tube regulated power supplies, and David Berning 300B ZOTL...all with silver foil cables, silver foil other words....I know the heart and soul of every 300 B brand...better than any other wrestler.

Which is why I am telling you to turn off your sun lamps, get off your tread mills, put down your steroids, stop gapping at yourself in the mirror and check out Tesla’s 300Bs that are available from Triode Electronics/Ned Carlson :773-871-7459. Why? Because at $99 each these are the closest you are going to get to that real WE balance and subtly .

These tubes have the same heavy glass envelop and the same white base as the KR others words they are very well made. Now, I can’t comment on their longevity because I have only been using them about two weeks...but again...if the payments on your Porsche and alimony payments are getting you know what to do.

Are they exactly like the WE 300Bs? Hey stupid, I didn’t say that. What I said is that at $99 per tube there is nothing closer...even at higher prices.

And be warned this is dated info as of September 1998..who knows what and who is going to step into the ring next week or month?

Dr. Gizmo



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