Because of my increasing email about Lowthers let me offer this gizmological metacontext to enjoy their eccentric flavor to the max....this is all about tuning for maximum tonal whole-osity and minimizing their nascent tonal discordance.

Here are some simple consideration:

  1. Do not use electrolytic capacitors in your power supplies only use oil caps which can be obtain from Angela Instruments or Ron Welborne. Check the Jensen capacitor web site. Don’t worry about not having enough capacitance because you can always, like I do, build and outboard capacitor bank. Electrolytics are not cool in the upper frequencies.
  2. Use oil coupling caps because plastic capacitors of all genres sound like plastic capacitors, which are better than electrolytics...and there are many different sounding oil caps.
  3. Use chokes on power supplies and create a separate choke filtration system for the input circuits...chokes "smooth" the sound out.
  4. Use tube rectifiers, and be sure to experiment with different brands. Solid State rectifiers are not a good idea with Lowthers because of the high frequency hash and less than optimal tone.
  5. Your input tube controls your tonal destiny...experiment with different brands.
  6. Do not use metal film or metal oxide resistors anywhere in the circuit...only use carbon film resistors which have a smoother sounds...and they are cheap. If you can find high wattage carbon film resistors make up one that is equal to a very big 10 watt jobby for your output tube bias...if you need it.....and be sure to experiment with different resistors on your output tube filament supply.
  7. Bypass your bias cap on your input circuit with an oil film cap. Do the same with your bias cap on your output tube.



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