What I am about to reveal to you will be shocking but obvious, and I stumbled on this, what might be a universal law of amplifier design because I was smoking a cigar with Einstein aboard the XH-1. Stit down now. Einstein only listened to tubes, and much of the research he conducted was done on tube computers owned by the Department of Defense. What was really cool about jiving with Einstein was that he was now wearing his hair in a pony tail, and was wearing a sweat shirt that had printed on it E=MC2.

We forget that he was born before there was electric lights, and grew up simultaneous to the development of tubes and radio, and the whole field of electronics, but his imagination was far beyond....he was into the Nth Dimension of Music Hyperspace long before rock and rollers rediscovered it. And of course he knew all of the masters of the masters of thermionic arts from Marconi, Bell, De Forest, to Major Armstrong.

So it was natural that I should ask him about my observation that there seemed to be in amplifiers inverse relationship between refinement and power, and wondered if he had any insight to this phenomenon.

Einstein didn’t answer my question but walked over the piano, sat down, began playing and started to sing Mahler leders in a style much more moving than Fischer Discau Fischer. When he finished singing with a tear in his eye, he said..." I knew Mahler".

Later that night Einsten reminded me that it took almost sixty years for a formula proof of his theory of relatively to be arrived at, because the sophsticated test equipment wasn’t available for many decades, and he suggested that the same challenge faced my theorem of relatively.

"What theorem of relatively are you talking about?", I asked.

"Well Gizmo, you are suggesting that refinement is inversely proportional to power, and that is a theory of relativity...the relationship between two events in an audio amplifier, and it may take sixty years to discover its formal proof, because the science of measuring audio circuits is still positively primitive, or it is possible like Fermat’s therom, it make take hundreds of years".



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