QUESTION: Would you rather have a very very small sex organ that could vibrate at 20K, and give you an orgasm every five minutes, or a log of a sex organ that permitted only one orgasm a week?

Because so many men are afraid of being the fool, their soul becomes drool. A wise pilgrim will discipline himself so that he engages in experiments that look foolish...but for some unknown reason may have some promise. It is the failures that create the opening to new heights....

And think about the fear of discovering something new and telling your bros’ about it and they laugh at you........Christopher Columbus. That is the test, and why I so strongly recommend you read, Jung and The Tarot by Sallie Nichols, Chapter One..THE FOOL...because you can’t get any higher and freer than being a fool.

Let us return to the scene of the crime...almost five years ago: It is a audio world that is competing to create the most complicated audio cables with theories being flung like flap jacks on how a music signal travels up and down a wire....but I know and you know that nobody knows....but when it comes to men...BIGGER IS BETTER...because it is easy for men to confuse their "penis dream" with interconnect cable dreams.

So there I am in my listening room surrounded by tens of thousands of dollars of expensive interconnect cables...they are thick, complicated and beautiful...and I smirk and I smile and I do one of my mind somersaults....

All of these complicated interconnects get connected to circuits that have thin wire....and what about fuses, with their spider web wire? Who said the model of audio systems was rational?

So I did what the fool does, and I went to Radio Shack and bought a package of magnet wire, which contained three separate spools of ultra thin wire and the cheapest male RCA phono jacks and made some interconnects. TOTAL COST UNDER $10. This wire has a plastic coating on it that must be scraped off before you can solder it to the jacks...but you don’t need any insulation. I also bought some ultra dumb solid core 18 gauge wire, and made some speaker cables.

I had now substituted thousands of dollars of inter-connects for about $10 worth of home made jobbies. How subtle was the improvement? As subtle as Donald Trump’s taste.

PAUSE BUTTON: Can you imagine any mainstream magazine reporting what I was experiencing...and destroying their cable interconnect advertising base....even if what I experienced was true? Why commit economic suicide for the sake of the readers?

But I didn’t stop there...I said go all the way...spend another $50 so I bought some solid pure silverNOT STERLING… wire at Myron Toback Inc. On 47th Street (212-398-8300) (24 feet of 18 gauge cost $21, for the same about in 26 gauge you get about 100 feet…it always sells for $10.95 an ounce) and I bought some insulation from Digi Key and I made some interconnects and speaker cables....even better...and the rest is history


MALE RCA PLUGS: PART # 274-321 $2.99


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