Beaudacity is a beautiful word, because it is a word, I created, based on the French word...beau...which means beautiful. Beaudacity is the natural instinct in all men to create art. It is in our DNA because we are tool makers, who 50,000 years ago started to artify the walls of our caves and sculpt stone…because art is a tool of survival. When we remark something, or someone is beaudacious, this means that we appreciate the artfulness inherent in the object or person.

Our masculine impulse for beaudacity is why (car) museums are filled with great works of art. Beaudacity is the polar opposite to our impulse for violence, war and destruction. Beaudacity is everywhere. We can find it manifested in our all of our pursuits of beauty from hotrods, fishing flies, gardens, motorcycles, boats, ultra-lights, leather jackets, religious icons, houses of worship, cigars, musical instruments, home projects, stamp collecting, painting, welding, bass lures, audio equipment…the list is as large as life itself…. all the tools that we create to bring us into a state of Wholey Oneness.

Beaudacity is also a male language because men are wise enough to know that words are feeble to describe the beauty of life. What could be more eloquent than a perfectly restored 1948 Chrysler Woody? Shakespeare eat your heart out. It is obvious that men speak to each other in profound ways through their beaudacious art, their meta-gizmos. This explains why a beautiful knife can cut deep into our soul.

Meta-Gizmo Broadcasting broadcasts a simple message: Each man is a work of art, and because the art he creates, his meta-gizmos, are inspirational, we all benefit from sharing. Our mission is to intensify this meta-gizmological energy. We are celebrating both the meta-gizmo masters and the common man, because we are all One….men creating art because Man is art.



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