It is the twack of the bat  
It is the dimple of trout fly on the current  
It is the ping of the arrow  
It is the kurplunk of Winchester  
It is the sizzle in the steak  
It is the whoosh between the lightening and thunder  
It is the chatter of overhead valves.  
It is the bark of the nine iron  
It is the whirring of tools  
It is the creeking mast  
It is the rasp of sandpaper on a decoy  
It is the chirping of a dry Maduro cigar  
It is the growl of a triode.  


The Sound of One "Blugrrl" Clapping  (Laura Loves)


It is the clang of metal masts of sailboats lolling in a cape harbor.  
It is the scent of sun dried towels snapped open in the salt breeze .  
( Put the ear to the warm warm sand....)
It is
the CH! CH! CH! of the footsteps of an 18 year old saronged nubie .
It is the kiss of fine spray of the Atlantic from the Starboard on ones face.  
It is the reading of old Leather books cracked open spilling ancient dust.  
It is the prrrrrrrr of the only true comfort. a small, purring kitty. Put your ear to his Heart.  
It is the soft, gentle sooty flutter of a Bat's wing.  
It is the eep of peepers echoing and creaking on the first warm night in March,
         the sound bouncing off bare twigs and dead grasses.
                 But the Promise....That there is more, always more.


The Sound of One "buddha builder" Clapping (Patrik Klangerstedt)


It is the rumbling sound of the desmo Duccati twin, the steely rattle of Duccati's dry clutch  
It is the scent of sun dried towels snapped open in the salt breeze .  
It is the the charging high pitch tone before the 12 cylinders of Ferrari start roaring.  
It is the complex sound pattern of the Porsche reving boxer engine.  
It is the twanging snapp sound of a compound bow.  
It is the click sound when the string of the cross bow is secured and loaded.  
It is the sweet catlike spinning of Alfas 6 cylinder.  
It is the bankvalve "thunk" sound of Mercedes Benz door closing.  

It is the refined mechanical clicking of Nagra open reel swithes and toggles.






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