I was told by a wise Cherokee Indian priestess that I am protected by the Salmon Spirit. It was my karma to leave home, go far out to sea, and then eventually return to the source of my birth, where I will die, and then return to Wanantanka. This native American vision of my soul didn't surprise me because I love the salmon. It is a great fish that speaks the truth, is a great warrior and loves to climb over dangerous obstacles. It is a wanderer with great wisdom. But more importantly I love smoked salmon on a bagel with cream cheese. I also liked poached salmon, and raw salmon. I even like salmon for breakfast. If I could eat only one thing it would be salmon, which is just like me saying I want to cannibalize my soul in search for truth and the most perfect OTL amplifier.
       I have now explained to you why I am buying Futterman amplifiers. I am interested in H3, H3AA, OTL-1, 2,4. Must be in good cosmetic condition, They do not have to be in working order, or have tubes. If you know of anyone who has a Futterman amplifier have them contact me. I am also interested in finding out current Futterman owners. Have them contact me so I can bless them. The reward for this service is free one year usage of the Triode Guild web site. I am buying these amplifiers so I can begin to build the Triode Guild pyramid which will be my airport to Triode Heaven.

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